A Seller's Guide to NYC

Selling property on your own in New York can be a stressful endeavor and most likely will not result in the highest value for your home -- but it does not have to be. If handled by a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent, it can be a smooth and rewarding transaction. There are many benefits to having a broker help you sell your home. In fact, research has shown that over 90% of all homes sold nationally were done so with the assistance of a broker. Brokers are also able to help you get a higher selling price than you would get without a broker. Selling property alone can also be very frustrating and time consuming. Having a broker represent you will allow you spend valuable time on other things such as family and work.

The Hecht Group, based at its state-of-the-art office in midtown Manhattan, has nearly one hundred well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced sales agents. Regardless of what neighborhood in New York your apartment is located at, our agents are familiar with the area. Our experience and aggressive marketing strategies have made us one of the leaders in the industry. We welcome the opportunity to visit your home and provide you with a free market analysis of its current market value, as we believe every home is precious and should be handled with personal care. Our sales agent will explain the entire process of our unique marketing tools, as well as update you on any progress and how together, we will achieve the best results for you.

Once we begin the process of selling your property, it is important to have a team of professionals working with you. Your Hecht Group sales agent can recommend qualified attorneys, mortgage bankers/brokers, appraisers, interior design specialists, accountants, and even contractors (if needed) to help you sell your home at the highest value. Your Hecht Group agent will also help you to move forward to your new destination with ease and guide you or a prospective buyer through any transaction.

At the Hecht Group, we are very proud of our agents, all of whom are well-trained and experienced in the various steps of buying and selling an apartment, building or a commercial space in New York. Our agents are also experienced in managing your income, producing investment, and helping you to buy and manage the best investment property that matches your preferences, expectations, and qualifications.

We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Determining your Price:

Your Hecht Group agent will use several differing methods to determine the market value of your apartment. Factors include location, layout, floor height, light exposure, comparable nearby properties, condition, amenities, and current market trends, among others. Your Hecht Group agent will use all of our experience and knowledge to calculate what we believe the property will trade for, but ultimately the market may indicate that the price should be lower or even higher. Properly priced apartments produce multiple offers more quickly, which will raise the price and expedite the process.

Exposure and Advertising:

When more people are aware that your property is for sale, more people will see it and more offers will be received. As members of REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York), the Hecht Group will co-broke your sales listing with every residential brokerage firm in Manhattan. We will share your listing with every REBNY member and non-REBNY member. We will not deny any other broker an appointment to show your apartment to their buyers.

As your partner, the Hecht Group will do everything possible to get you the highest price in the least amount of time. We are creative in our thinking and focused on getting you the results you deserve by creating a marketing program specifically tailored to your property and your needs.

Marketing Plan:

From the moment that you choose the Hecht Group to represent you in the sale of your property, we guarantee to do the following in order to obtain the highest possible price in the shortest possible time for you:

  • Featured placement with professional photographs and description on the Hecht Group website.
  • Floor plans and renderings available to prospective buyers.
  • Distribution of listing to every broker in the city
  • Exclusive listings will be advertised to more than 225 firms and over 17,000 agents within 24 hours.
  • Printed show sheets will be provided at each appointment and open house.
  • Promotional mailing to all residents in your building.
  • Open houses and showings when permitted.
  • An open house advertisement in the New York Times every Sunday.
  • A posting on the New York Times website daily.
  • Distribution to the most popular real estate website portals and their affiliates including StreetEasy, Trulia, and Zillow, among many others.
  • Professional virtual staging when necessary.
  • Upon each showing, the agent will assure the apartment is looking at its best according to the Tips for Sellers section.
  • Weekly activity reports.

Our website is linked to hundreds of real estate sites and works on API (Application Program Interface) technology. This technology insures your listing is up-to-date on all databases including the RLS (REBNY Listing Service) and many others, which is crucial for any seller!

Tips for Sellers:

  • Windows should sparkle. Open up all blinds and curtains, as natural light makes your apartment look at its best.
  • Open a window. Fresh air promotes good decisions.
  • Good lighting is vital. Replace any missing light bulbs and assure all lights are on, even during daytime showings.
  • Try to schedule apartment showing times to be at the most ideal light exposure time for the apartment.
  • Make sure rooms are not cluttered. Remove any excess items that you do not need.
  • Polish floors, mirrors, and fixtures.
  • Thoroughly clean your bathroom(s) and kitchen. Consider reglazing bathrooms if bathtubs and/or sinks are old and are not shiny.
  • Empty out your closets a bit. Closets seem larger if they are not too full.
  • The smell of flowers, scented candles or freshly brewed coffee can make your home more welcoming.
  • Make sure everything is in top condition, repair cabinetry and fix any fixtures, or anything else in need of repair.
  • Repaint rooms if walls are peeling.
  • Install a new shower curtain can make a bit impact.
  • Consult your expert Hecht Group real estate agent for further information on how to make your home look at its best!