West Village

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GREENWICH VILLAGE LOCATION: Houston Street to 14th Street, between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. SUBWAYS: Subway stops: 1, 9 to Christopher Street-Sheridan Square for West Village; A, B, C, D, E, F,V to West 4th Street or N, R to 8th Street for Greenwich Village. HISTORY: Before the Dutch settled in New York, the area now known as Greenwich Village was home to the Sapokanican Indians. The Indians were pushed out as New York began to expand north. With this, the middle class found this northern suburb more attractive which left the older sections of the Manhattan open to new immigrants. Starting around 1900, Greenwich Village began a long period of prosperity. A community of radical social, political and artistic expression was encouraged throughout its many coffee shops and meeting places. Although high rents have made the area unavailable to the "starving artists", there is still a bohemian quality to Greenwich Village. CHARACTER: Greenwich Village is perhaps the most famous or infamous neighborhood in the world. Known mostly for the bohemian lifestyle practiced by its residents, the Village is the city's mecca for struggling artists and it has a rich counter culture scene. Locals take strong pride in their neighborhood, with community events such as festivals, parades, demonstrations, local periodicals such as The Village Voice, community activists, etc., all having a strong presence in Village life. The Village residents are varied; consisting of old hippies, artists, writers, musicians, settled professionals, doctors, lawyers, bankers and of course, NYU students. All nestled in the crowded streets that are lined with trendy shops, cafes, restaurants, and tattoo parlors. At its center lies NYU and Washington Square Park. The Park’s main area features a large fountain which attracts New Yorkers seeking to beat the heat in the muggy summers. Off to the sides of the fountain plaza and the wide walkways benches and tables with built in tiled chessboards attract a regular group of aficionados of the game. FOOD/NIGHTLIFE: It is a charming city area with lots of coffee shops, jazz clubs, bars, Off-Broadway theaters and many restaurants. Dining comes in many forms, from pizza parlors like Patsy’s to Thai creations at Lemongrass. The Village "scene" is vibrant and energetic and the nightclubs and bars are packed...usually with long lines to get in.