hecht global

Hecht Global is a family-owned and operated multilingual Real Estate brokerage affiliated with a network of top quality foreign real estate companies, offering a extensive expertise, international contacts and resources to benefit a wide array of clients: Buyers, Sellers, Investors, and Developers.

Together with their alliances and partners, Hecht Global forms an international platform of the highest level for acquisition, marketing and sales of premium real estate.

Purchasing of Real Estate is a long term investment strategy, which is relatively low risk compared to the stock market. However, finding the right property can be tricky, especially when the transaction takes place overseas. One sure way to make successful real estate investments is to deal exclusively with reputable sources and buy low. This gives real estate buyers security as well as a safety cushion should property prices fall. Hecht Global is dedicated to introducing quality foreign properties to its clients. Our global partners stand at the ready to find the best deals, negotiate down the purchase price and purchase as well as sell prime real estate for our clients.

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